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Winter Junior Group Instruction


Online and in-person registration is currently accepted.

Winter Session Dates
Session I: November 13 – December 20
Session II: January 8 – February 9
Session III: February 12 – March 16

About Out Lesson Program

The Winnetka Golf Club Academy has been recognized as the:
  • Best junior program on the North Shore
  • Host to IJGA & AJGA events
  • Home of the New Trier Boys & Girls Golf Teams
  • Area leader in developing outstanding junior players who have become Illinois State champions, NCAA Division I golfers, PGA Professional golfers, and PGA Tour golfers
  • Standard by which all other junior programs are measured

À La Carte Options for Easier Scheduling
We understand that scheduling your kids’ activities can be a challenge – their time is limited, between school work, family activities, siblings’ schedules, and other obligations. So, we’ve made it easier to get golf on your child’s schedule and satisfy every appetite and skill level, whether just starting out or already hooked on the game.

Three sections, with classes offered Monday through Friday for different age groups.

  • For each session, you can choose the day and number of days that work best each week.
  • You can choose to participate in one session, two sessions, or all three.
  • Choose different days each session that fit your schedule.

Three Skill Levels for the Best Instruction
In golf – unlike tennis, hockey, baseball, and other sports – one’s enjoyment does not depend on another’s skill. Fundamentals are the backbone to enjoyment and success in golf. The commonality between all good golfers is good fundamentals. That’s where we start with everyone. From there we want to make sure your child is challenged, learning and most of all having FUN. All classes accommodate different skill levels. We will cater the instruction your child receives to fit their level and keep them stimulated. Everyone may be working on putting, short-game or full swing however, each student may be getting slightly different coaching when they have one-on-one interaction with the coaches depending on their personal needs and aptitudes.

Participants sorted into three classifications to engage and challenge every skill level. Levels are determined by the instructors and utilized during instructional games and on-course time.